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Titanium Front Anti-Roll Bar

Titanium Front Anti-Roll Bar

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Porsche 911 Front Anti-Roll Bar - 15mm

Part No. A003-H3501

Made from Aerospace Grade Titanium.

The titanium bar measures 19mm with a rating equivalent to a solid 15mm bar.

The anti-roll bar lever arms have been re-designed and manufactured from aluminium. Topologically optimised for weight and strength resulting in a lighter and stiffer part.

Kit Includes:

1x Titanium Front Anti-Roll Bar
2x Front ARB Lever Arms
2x Front ARB Bushes

Compatibility: Any long wheel base Porsche 911 up to 1989.

Available from June.

Porsche Steel Anti-Roll Bar
1.43 kg
Tuthill Titanium Anti-Roll Bar
0.52 kg


Porsche Steel Lever Arms
4.4 kg
Tuthill Aluminium Lever Arms
1.8 kg

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