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Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit - Rear

Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit - Rear

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Part No: A003-F4001-1.0

Porsche 911 Carbon Ceramic Rear Brake Kit

Porsche 911 Carbon Ceramic Brakes 

Kit Includes:

2x Carbon Ceramic disc and bell assemblies
2x Front Tuthill Brake Callipers
2x Front Pagid RSC1 Brake Pads
2x Tuthill Handbrake Callipers with pads
2x Handbrake Cables

Compatibility: Any 1965 to 89 Porsche 911

Fitment of the carbon ceramic brakes requires a small modification to the rear arms, instructions for this are included in the kit.

Original Steel Brakes
22.6 kg
Tuthill Carbon Brakes
10.8 kg


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