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Competition Throttle Pedal - LHD

Competition Throttle Pedal - LHD

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Porsche 911 Competition throttle Pedal - LHD

Tuthill Porsche developed and built competition throttle pedal (LHD) for twin cables.

The two cable option is simply to have one as a spare.  They run alongside each other, with only one connected, but it is then a very quick change if you should need to, hence we run this as standard in our competition cars. 

This pedal can be used with a standard pedal box but the throttle pedal will be closer to the brake pedal. 

Pedal box available separately ( click here)

Kit includes 

1 x Throttle Pedal and base, finished in black
1 x Twin cable support bracket finished in black

Compatibility: Any 1965 to 89 Porsche 911 

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